Scott MackenzieScott Mackenzie

Scott Mackenzie


Ventient Energy

Scott Mackenzie is CEO of Ventient Energy which was formed in 2017 from a merger of two entities following acquisition by IIF JPMAM.  Ventient Energy are one of the largest generator of onshore wind energy in the UK with ~700 MW of installed onshore wind capacity across 34 wind farms.

Scott has 14 years wind industry experience with a further 16 years engineering and management experience in the chemical and nuclear sectors. Previously he was Managing Director at Infinis Wind where he created a full scope operational business, in Edinburgh, which is now the Ventient Energy headquarters.

Previously Scott worked in consultancy as Director of Asset management at Natural Power Consultants, where he was responsible for creating the UK’s leading independent wind farm operations management business and the UK’s first non-utility 24/7 wind control, analysis and monitoring service.

Scott holds an Honours Degree in Engineering with Electrical Power Engineering from Glasgow Caledonian University.

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