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As the wind energy industry expands and moves into new sectors around the globe, how can investors work with major corporations to facilitate future opportunities?

And how can developers and investors strike a balance between maintaining their interests in safe, established markets and exploring new high-risk, high-return sectors overseas?

This exclusive, invitation-only event brings together key decision-makers and influencers working throughout the finance and energy sectors to discuss how future investment opportunities at home and abroad can be maximised.

Five key questions the conference will address:

  1. How can project risk be reduced to increase investment attractiveness?
  2. How can owners/operators engage more effectively with corporate investors?
  3. To what extent should developers look to diversify their existing operational footprint?
  4. Can international expansion play a role in cost reduction and boosting profitability?
  5. What are the primary challenges associated with developing an international supply chain and how can they be addressed?

More information will be provided about this event soon.

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Event information


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